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North Face has been recognized by Outdoor USA Magazine for their social media ... Their website links to their blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.

For Those Who Never Stop

Written by members of our staff, Dispatches is an opportunity to peek into life in Denali: wildlife sightings, Denali National Park issues, recipes from our kitchens, and insights into the guest experience at Camp Denali & North Face Lodge. Dispatches will carry on through the winter, when we hope to share stories of snowy ski adventures, deep cold, and the contest of a small Alaskan community.

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Dec 13, 2015 ... In 2011, North Face inked an eight-year deal with the U.S. freeskiing team. ... – The North Face Blog celebrates ...

Halloween in Alaska: Same, Same, but Different

Spring came fast and hot this year. Hikers and porch-loungers akin were treated to warm temperatures, dryish days, and the anniversary rainbow of wildflowers: hues of pink, yellow, greenish or buttery or spotted white, purple, dejected and forget-me-not, Alaska’s state flower, which are of a accurate color that the English accent is not at this time equipped to describe.

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Nov 27, 2018 ... Every year, an annual two day EDM and pop music festival called Utopia comes to my hometown of Stavanger, Norway. The festival is held in ...

The Arc of the Seasons

The North Face has additionally partnered with the Department of the Interior to donate $100,000 in grants to 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) program heroes. The heroes, Jeremy Taitano, Anthony “Chako” Ciocco, LaJuan Tucker, and Team Rubicon, are each being recognized with a $25,000 grant to their program because they embody the spirit of NEVER STOP and invite others to participate in active outdoor stewardship.

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Shop The North Face Sale and save on your favorite pieces of outdoor clothing and gear such as winter coats, logo-wear t-shirts, fleece jackets, and more.

Living Our Mission, Part 1 of 3: Excellence

Every summer, birds from all seven continents flock to Denali National Park to feast, mingle, and make the most out of the almost endless sunlight. In recent weeks, birds of a different feather, but with agnate aims, have settled themselves about Camp Denali & North Face Lodge: our staff, summoned from their winter roosts by the promise of a rising summer season. From Vietnam to Vermont, Seattle to Scotland, Montana to Mexico, our rambling agents associates have heeded the annual alarm to return. As of 10 days ago, our entire agents is on campus, and it’s all hands on deck to ready the lodges for our very first guests.

North face backpacks sale

Mar 1, 2019 ... We love The North Face and the experts do too. From Warm Me UP tights to the Dark Star Sleeping Bag, outdoor experts share The North Face ...

Living Our Mission, Part 3 of 3: Place

When staff say we work in Denali “for the summer”, it’s a bit of a half-truth. Over the four months we live and work at Camp Denali & North Face Lodge, we experience the tail-end of one winter and the first snow of the next; in between, we experience an arc of seasons as colorful and unique as the rainbows that so often fall across the Kantishna Valley.

North face rain jacket

Read all of posts dedicated to The North Face. Altitude Sports' blog is a reference point for everything outdoors in Canada: outdoor gear and sport equipment.

The North Face Jounral

If you’ve ever gone to summer camp or sent your children to one, you may be familiar with the philosophy that a lack of letters home is actually a good affair – it means the camper is having too much fun to write. Consider this a humble excuse for the pause in blog posts since May. We’ve been so busy adventuring outside, clamoring for cookies and cozying up in our cabins that we just couldn’t find the time. But I affiance we’re all—guests, staff, and the Camp dog, Pelle—making lots of new friends.

North face bookbag

Aug 2, 2019 ... Consider this a humble excuse for the pause in blog posts since May. ... Over the four months we live and work at Camp Denali & North Face ...

Living Our Mission, Part 2 of 3: Community

It was not a big jump, just 10-15 feet popping over a small cement wall in the backyard of a hotel in Austria. Kaitlyn, a 2014 gold medalist in Sochi, alone in. At the lip, she twisted her body to set up for a frontside 360, but she caught her heelside edge and lost control, landing hard on her back and neck.

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