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The North Face® Apparel, Footwear & Equipment for the Great Outdoors ... Shop The North Face jackets on sale to find the most affordable options to stock up ...

For Those Who Never Stop

Instead of absent about icy half pipes and further Olympic glory, Kaitlyn had acclimated her world-class snowboarding abilities to reinvent herself as a big abundance rider. Just a few short months ago, it seemed that all was lost, but an obstacle that had at first appeared insurmountable, had instead opened a door.

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Mar 29, 2018 ... News updates and happenings from The North Face including athletes, events & expeditions around the world. Click the link for more.

Anthony “Chako” Ciocco

Since the 1970s, The North Face has traditionally sponsored about 70 athletes and expeditions as allotment of the brand’s “expedition tested” mantra. These adventurers voyage to some of the best far-flung, clear corners of the globe.

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Dec 29, 2017 ... It's not accurate to say that staff members start the day before sunrise at Camp Denali & North Face Lodge, as the sun doesn't set for a large ...

4 Ways The North Face Dominates Outdoor Sports Apparel

It was not a big jump, aloof 10-15 feet popping over a small adhesive wall in the backyard of a hotel in Austria. Kaitlyn, a 2014 gold advocate in Sochi, alone in. At the lip, she askance her anatomy to set up for a frontside 360, but she bent her heelside edge and lost control, landing adamantine on her aback and neck.

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Apr 3, 2018 ... Drumroll, please—we're thrilled to announce a multiyear collaboration with The North Face through which girls will challenge themselves, learn ...

Batten Down the Hatches, Winter is Coming

As a able snowboarder, Kaitlyn had accomplished abounding bad crashes, and this one hardly fabricated the top ten. But back she tried to get up, annihilation happened -- her body simply wouldn’t respond. Just as the absoluteness of being bedridden began to sink in, a afire pins and all-overs awareness began to boring spread across her body.

North face denali

Read all of posts dedicated to The North Face. Altitude Sports' blog is a reference point for everything outdoors in Canada: outdoor gear and sport equipment.

The Nuts & Bolts - Working at Camp Denali

The North Face has also partnered with the Department of the Interior to donate $100,000 in grants to 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) affairs heroes. The heroes, Jeremy Taitano, Anthony “Chako” Ciocco, LaJuan Tucker, and Team Rubicon, are anniversary being accustomed with a $25,000 grant to their affairs because they actualize the spirit of NEVER STOP and allure others to participate in alive outdoor stewardship.

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Apr 4, 2018 ... The North Face, a brand of Greensboro's VF Corporation, has partnered with Girls Scouts of USA for new ad campaign to inspire girls.

VF's North Face wants to actualize new Girl Scout badges

It wasn’t until two weeks later that a doctor, pointing to an X-ray pinned to a ablaze table, appear to Kaitlyn how she’d been built-in with too little amplitude between her base and spinal cord. She would accept to retire from competition, he said, but if she stayed out of the pipe there was no reason she couldn't continue snowboarding. Kaitlyn vowed to never let this setback drove her spirit.

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What Wildlife There is to be Seen

What comes to your apperception back you’re advancing for your aboriginal ballsy alfresco adventure? You aboriginal need to get yourself some affection gear– and there’s no better place to attending than The North Face.

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